How well do you know your foreign counterparties?

Global stability is volatile. Every day we witness a growing number of breaching and non-compliance cases. A Lack of valid and up-to-date knowledge impacts you beyond just your pocket.

CreditRisk.Info - is your reliable provider of credit and business reports on foreign companies. CreditRisk.Info is a team of professionals operating on an international level in the information market.

Credit and business reports provided by CreditRisk.Info include objective and complete information on the financial solvency (creditworthiness) of any foreign company. All the information in our reports is up to date and verified. Credit risk analysis approach is tailored to most of our clients, allowing them to make the best strategic decisions.


  • provides information on companies all over the world
  • evaluates business environments in different countries
  • establishes partnerships
  • provides debt collection services
  • helps to conduct effective negotiations
  • helps to manage credit risks

By having access to credit and business reports from CreditRisk.Info, specialists are able to obtain standardized information on any company in the world. Quality, information volume, prompt fulfilment of the orders along with flexible prices are the components of our competitive edge.

Experts in the area of risk evaluation, finance and debt collection rely on CreditRisk.Info when making the most important business decisions. For many European companies CreditRisk.Info is the official source of information. Our clients use credit and business report data to monitor the current financial position of their counterparties.

CreditRisk.Info partners with companies in more than 200 countries, which allows reports to be created, based on quality information. Our credit and business reports are unparalleled, as they are based on unique data standardising and check technology as well as our own system of business identification and special credit risk evaluation techniques. The report structure is designed by experienced analysts which makes data fast, effective and easy to use for our clients.

CreditRisk.Info is an international provider of business information that caters solutions for businesses locally and globally. It is the provider of choice for effective, safe and integrated credit risk management.

CreditRisk.Info is a joint international project of two Cypriot companies ANOX INVEST TRADE LTD and FOAKES LIMITED, leading investment organizations in the Cypriot and Russian markets, which provide support to commercial companies in the field of financial management, currency transactions and trust capital management.

CreditRisk.Info news agency was established in 2013 with the aim of checking foreign counterparties for VIP clients of ANOX INVEST TRADE LTD and FOAKES LIMITED. Very soon the service became in demand by absolutely all clients of the companies and received a high assessment of its quality. Gradually, more and more inquiries from clients from Russia began to arrive. Among them were both large companies and news agencies. The high demand for credit reports / business inquiries from CreditRisk.Info contributed to the decision to provide access to the service to Russian companies directly without intermediaries, in the form of Russian news agencies, which was done.

Since 2013 CreditRisk.Info has helped both companies and individuals in Russia to obtain information on foreign companies, collect debts around the world, evaluate the business environment in the country of business operations, as well as obtain any foreign information in order to help credit analysts, security services and company management make business decisions.

We use unique approaches for every client, the stipulated costs of our services is generally dependent on the volume of information provided in the requested reports. In order to get more information about our terms and calculate the cost of the services, you can send a request to our website CreditRisk.Info or call us on 8-495-134-44-88.