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According to the experts, today the problem of debt is relevant to all industries.

  • In the best position are those who think in advance about their credit policy by defining the desired client profile, specific limits and sanctions to be applied in case of non-payment.
  • In the bad position are those companies that do not worry about these issues. This leads to the fact that the number of debtors exceeds all bounds, jeopardizing the company existence.

Despite the financial difficulties, very often companies are waiting for a few months and then seek help from the debt collection firms. However, this protraction can be costly and the risk of not getting the money back rises with time.

Conflicts deriving from the non-payment of debts are considered as the most problematic. The legislation in this area is defined, but in the real world it hardly works. It is therefore important to develop the right strategy of debt collection.

Credit Risk.Info guarantees the professional debt collection, because:

  • our specialists are professionals in commercial debt collection and follow the highest standards of expertise and ethics;
  • every specialist dealing with your matter;
  • undertakes only those steps that are allowed by you from the first call and till the debt collection lawsuit;
  • we always provide you with the information on what we are going to do.

To identify effective ways for repayment of debts is necessary to consider many factors in each individual case:

  • type of debt (loan agreements, loans, receipt);
  • the value of borrowings and the repayment period;
  • the liquidity of the debtor's assets;
  • debtor’s place of residence (location) and consideration of other circumstances.

Debt collection can be carried out in two ways: in the pre-trial order and legally.

Debt collection includes:

  • providing advice on debt collection, enforcement proceedings;
  • establishment of financial and property state of debtor;
  • debtor's property search and seizure;
  • elaboration of details of negotiation process;
  • study of the conditions of debt sale;
  • representation (at stages of proceedings and enforcement proceedings);
  • appeal against bailiffs’ actions (or inaction);
  • enforcement of judgments.